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Nutrition & Mealtimes

Nutrition is an important part of your child’s life; ensuring physical and mental wellbeing. 

Mealtimes at Puddle-ducks Nursery is a happy time with children and staff. Children not only learn social skills but enjoy a wide variety of home cooked meals prepared on site by our dedicated Chef.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are served each day; with choices exceeding the recommended “5 a day”.

We care for children with special dietary requirements with personalised assessment plans and carefully prepared and served dishes overseen by senior staff members.

Menus are prepared with great care and rotate on a six weekly basis. We aim to consistently provide tasty attractive and nutritionally good meals for all of our children and babies. Details of these with all possible allergens are on view for parents throughout the nursery.

Children eat a healthy, well balanced diet from appetizing menus.         Ofsted 2012

Weaning diaries are in use aiding the process and ensuring good communication between parent and the nursery staff.

Our kitchen has been awarded the maximum ‘Very Good’ food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency.

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